Worktop ideas – 8 designs for a stunning kitchen

When choosing a kitchen worktop, there’s a lot to think about. What colour and material should it be? Is it scratch and stain proof? Will it chip if I drop something heavy on it?

But something you may not have considered is the design possibilities. Do you know what’s possible? We’re here to show you.

Here are 8 worktop ideas you may not have thought about that will make your worktop stylish and practical.

1. Create a waterfall worktop

Black and white kitchen with pale grey HI-MACS® worktop in Strato slate
This HI-MACS® worktop in Strato Slate has been wrapped down the side of the kitchen island to create a very stylish look.

There’s no need to limit worktops to sitting horizontally on top of cabinets. They can be used vertically as well. So, instead of using cabinet side panels at the end of a run, why not use the worktop instead and create a waterfall effect.

Not only does this worktop idea look sleek and elegant, but it’s practical too. Because a worktop is more robust than cabinets. It can withstand the bumps and knocks those exposed ends are prone to. Especially if you choose a hardwearing worktop material like acrylic, sintered stone, quartz or granite.

2. Integrate a breakfast bar

When you’re cooking, it’s lovely for guests or family to have somewhere to sit and chat while you’re doing it. That’s where this breakfast bar worktop idea comes in. You simply have the worktop cut bigger than the cabinets, so it extends out and allows bar stools to fit underneath.

Contemporary kitchen with an island with white cabinets and an acrylic worktop
This acrylic worktop has been extended over the edge of the island cabinets to create a breakfast bar.

To get this look, you’ll need a strong, solid worktop material, such as acrylic, sintered stone, quartz or granite.

3. Add a flush-mounted hob

If ultra-sleek and contemporary is the look you’re going for in your kitchen, this worktop design idea is a must. A flush-mounted hob sits in a recess in the worktop, so the work surface and hob’s surface are level. It looks stunning and is practical because grease and dirt don’t get trapped around the hob’s edges, making it easier to clean.

Black and white kitchen with a large island covered in a white and grey Durasein® worktop with a flush-mounted hob
The flush-mounted hob installed into this Durasein® worktop gives the kitchen a designer look.

You can install a flush-mounted hob with any solid surface worktop material, such as natural or sintered stone or acrylic.

4. Add curves

Curved worktop edging is popular in kitchens because it softens the overall look. It’s practical too, particularly if you have kids, because curves round off sharp corners that could be a hazard. Curves in worktops can be cut to mirror curved kitchen cabinets. Or you can create unusual shapes on a breakfast bar, for example.

White kitchen with white Duresein® curved worktops
This Durasein® worktop has been shaped to match the profile of the curved cabinets on the small island.

Choose any solid surface worktop material, such as natural or sintered stone or acrylic, to get the curves and shapes you want.

5. Add a moulded sink and drainer grooves

This Hanex® worktop has integrated drainer grooves and matching moulded sink that blend seamlessly into the worktop.

The sink area takes up a lot of space on a kitchen worktop. And a conventional sink and drainer combo can stand out like a sore thumb. These kitchen worktop design ideas fix that.

With an acrylic material like Corian® or Tristone™, the sink can be moulded into the worktop. And drainer grooves or a recessed drainer can be cut into the surface. This makes the whole sink area blend seamlessly into the kitchen. And it makes the area a lot easier to clean too.

You can get moulded sinks with any acrylic worktop. Or buy a separate under-mount sink and team it with acrylic or any sintered stone, quartz or granite worktop instead.

6. Add a steel-bottomed sink

This is another sink and worktop design idea, but we love it so much we couldn’t leave it out. Instead of a fully moulded sink, why not have a half moulded-half steel bottomed sink?

The image below shows an 1810 Axix sink in copper effect with matching taps. The sink forms the base, and the sides are made from the same material as the worktop. As with a fully moulded sink, the area still blends beautifully into the worktop, but that sink bottom is designed to stand out as a stunning feature.

This kitchen worktop idea can be achieved with any acrylic worktop.

This copper effect 1810 Axix sink with matching taps looks stunning against the white acrylic worktop

7. Add levels

Adding an extra piece of worktop to your kitchen, at a different level to the main worktop, is a simple worktop idea that has a big impact. Use this design technique to separate out spaces, such as the preparation and dining spaces. You could also choose a different colour or material for the extra level, one that contrasts or complements the main worktop, to make it really stand out.

White kitchen with white Corian countertop material
This Corian® worktop has been installed alongside a wooden worktop, placed at a higher level to create two separate areas.

To get this look, you can use any worktop material you like.

8. Add lights

Lighting can dramatically change the mood of a room. So, when thinking about what lights you want in your kitchen, as well as task lights, add some lights for ambience. This worktop idea involves having LED lights embedded around the edge of the worktop.

This worktop design idea can be achieved with any acrylic worktop.

White kitchen island with a white acrylic worktop embedded with LED strip lights around the edge
This acrylic® worktop has an LED strip light embedded into its edge to create ambience in the kitchen.

If you need help bringing your worktop ideas to life, we’ll be happy to offer advice. Contact us through our contact form or give us a call on 0800 0614729.