Transform your kitchen with a Tristoneworktop

A premium quality acrylic solid surface worktop with seamless joins

Your worktop is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen. Of course, it has to have aesthetic appeal. But it also needs to stand up to wear and tear.

Tristone™ is a premium quality acrylic band that does both.

Tristone™ worktops are made from resins and natural minerals that are manufactured into durable solid surface worktops. They are high-quality surfaces that look like natural stone.

And, just like solid stone products, acrylic can be cut into any shape, allowing you to add your own style to your kitchen.

And the best feature of Tristone™ worktops is that two pieces can be fixed together with inconspicuous joins to produce seamless worktop surfaces.

Tristone™ kitchen worktops come in a wide range of colours and styles. There are options that mimic natural stone and a range of solid colours.

These durable solid surface slabs will suit any kitchen. So when it comes to selecting Tristone™ worktops, you’re sure to find a colour and style you love.

We supply and fit high-quality Tristone™ worktops into homes and businesses across the UK.  

We supply and fit Tristone™ worktops at up to 50% less than our competitors

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for a top-quality worktop. That’s why we keep our prices as low as possible.

We do this by selling online to keep our overheads low. And we get discounts from the manufacturer because we buy huge quantities. We then pass those savings on to you.

In addition, we sell at a competitive price whilst still delivering a flawless installation service and high levels of customer service.

 And, while Tristone™ worktops aren’t cheap worktops, even at our low prices, they offer excellent value for money.

Tristone™ is an ideal material for worktops. It has the high-quality appearance of granite, and its non-porous and hygienic surface has many benefits, such as stain and impact resistance and seamless joins.

Tristone™ worktops are also repairable, which means scratches can be buffed out using mild abrasive cleaners and a scouring pad.

Tristone™ worktops come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty period.

Don’t wait months for your Tristone™ worktops. We’ll get them installed within 2-3 weeks

We’ve been helping UK homeowners and businesses buy and install worktops for over 10 years.
We offer a fast and flexible installation service for all Tristone™ worktops.

Installed by our team of experts

Our highly skilled and experienced fitters are up-to-date with the latest technology. So, your Tristone™ worktops will be fitted with a flawless finish that’s backed by a 1-year workmanship warranty.

Fast fitting

Once your kitchen base units are fitted, we’ll come and make a template for your Tristone™ worktops. Appointments can be booked within a week, and we’ll get your worktop installed 1-2 weeks later.

Flexible appointments

We know things don’t always go to plan with a kitchen refit. So, if you book an appointment for templating or fitting and things change, we’ll shift it to suit you.

Find out more about our installation service.

Acrylic solid surface worktops perform excellently, even in the most demanding kitchens

Kitchen refits typically only happen once every 10 years or so. So, it’s vital your worktop can withstand the spillages, knocks and bumps that occur throughout its lifetime.
Tristone™ is a dense solid surface material with many properties that help it stand up to the most challenging environments in both residential and commercial applications.

Seamless look

Joins are cleverly glued together with colour-matched adhesive, then sanded and polished, so there will be no visible seams in your Tristone™ worktops.


Mild abrasive cleaners and scouring pads can be used to remove minor heat marks, scratches and stains from Tristone™ worktops.

Impact and scratch-resistant

Tristone™ worktops are incredibly hardwearing, so they can easily resist everyday bumps and knocks.


Tristone™ worktops have a non-porous surface and join seamlessly. So mould, and other harmful germs can’t hide, grow and spread.


Tristone™ solid surface worktops are totally non-porous, which makes them extremely stain resistant. So food and liquid spills won’t leave permanent marks.

Flexible in design

Tristone™ worktops allow endless design possibilities. Want curved cabinets or an undermount sink? No problem! Tristone™can be cut into any shape you want.

Easy to maintain

Due to its non-porous surface, dirt doesn’t build up on Tristone™ worktops. Simply wash with hot soapy water.


Tristone™ worktops come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We’ll give you a free chopping board to match your Tristone™ worktop

While Tristone™ worktops have a hardwearing solid surface, we recommend using a chopping board when you cut with a sharp knife. So, we’ll give you a free chopping board that matches the colour of your kitchen countertop.

Tristone™ colours

We offer Tristone™ as our most competitively priced worktop range.
Browse our full range of colours below.
It includes some colours that mimic Corian® worktops.

Customise your Tristone™ worktop

When it comes to design choices for worktops, Tristone™ has so much to offer.

Unlike other materials, such as laminate, Tristone™ can be cut into any shape, giving you endless design possibilities that allow you to add the wow factor to your entire kitchen.

And, these design extras will make your worktop and kitchen extremely practical and beautiful.

Tristone™ prefabricated sinks

Integrate your sink area seamlessly into your new worktop with a Tristone™ prefabricated sink.

1810 Axix sinks and taps

Combine your Tristone™ kitchen worktops with a steel-bottomed 1810 sink and matching tap. 

Drainer grooves

Drainer grooves can be cut into your Tristone™ work surfaces.

Recessed drainers

Combine your sink with a recessed drainer for a sleek look.

Pop-up sockets

Pop-up sockets are extremely practical on a kitchen island.


100mm tall upstands give your new worktops a beautiful and professional finish.


A splashback combines practicality with beauty, protecting walls from food splashes.

LED lights

Embed LED lights into your Tristone™ worktops to create ambience in your kitchen.

Why buy Tristone™ solid surface worktops from us?

We’ve been in the worktop business for over 10 years

We’ve installed thousands of worktops into UK homes, so we know our stuff.

We offer Tristone™ at up to 50% less than our competitors

We’ve done our homework and honestly believe you won’t find Tristone™ worktops at a lower price.

We’ll send you an online quote in one hour

There are no awkward sales calls and no waiting around. Simply fill in our form for a quote.

We’ll send you free Tristone™ samples

Check out the colour in your kitchen. Free samples will arrive in 2-3 days.

Our installation service is fast and flexible

Our team of fitters will install your worktop in just 2-3 weeks from placing your order.

Homeowners and trades welcome

We supply and install Tristone™ worktops for homeowners, architects, builders, kitchen showrooms, and property developers.

We’re insured for your complete peace of mind

Our work is covered by public liability insurance and a 1-year workmanship warranty.

Our Tristone™ installation process is easy

Tristone™ kitchen worktops are made to order to fit your kitchen perfectly. Once you’ve decided on a Tristone™ colour, the process is simple:


Get a Tristone™ quote. We’ll send you an online Tristone™ quote within an hour. Just let us know your kitchen measurements, and tell us if you’d like any other extras, such as integrated sinks or drainer grooves. Then we’ll send you the price of every colour in the range, so you can compare prices without having to come back to us.


Order some Tristone™ samples. We know you’ll want to see your worktop colour choice in real life. So, you can order up to three free Tristone™ samples from us and get them delivered to your home within a few days.


Place your order.


Book a templating appointment. When your kitchen base cabinets have been fitted, make an appointment for us to measure your kitchen and make a template of your worktop. We can visit you within a week of placing your order. And we’ll happily move it if there’s a delay.


 We’ll make your Tristone™ worktops. We’ll do this at our workshop with our specialist equipment. So, there’s no cutting and no mess when we come and fit it into your kitchen.


We’ll install your Tristone™ worktops. We aim to come back and install your worktop 1-2 weeks after the templating appointment.

Start planning your new Tristone™ worktop now

Simply fill in our online form to get a free, no-obligation quote today.

All we need to know are your kitchen dimensions and any other extras you want. You can also upload an image of your kitchen plan if you have one.

We’ll then send you a personalised quote that includes a price for every colour in the range and the installation cost.

Tristone™ quotes are free, and there’s no obligation to buy.

If you have any questions about Tristone™ work surfaces, you can contact us through the contact form or call 01937 222170.