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The first step with any project is to provide us with certain information to ensure you get an accurate quote. Firstly, you must choose the type of material you’d like out of our range. We stock the following ranges:

Corian® Worktops & Surfaces

Corian® is the market leader when it comes to Acrylic Solid Surface.

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Offering over 80 colours ranging from solid whites to stone effect colours such as Burled Beach and Clamshell (See our Colour Chart). Corian® is the main brand we use and benefits from having a 10 year Warranty. We supply & install Corian® Worktops, Corian® Surfaces & Corian® Countertops in all areas across the UK.

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Hi-Macs Worktops & Surfaces

Hi Macs, like Corian®, is also Acrylic based and is available in a range of different colours and finishes.

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Hi-Macs has all the attributes of Corian® and is available in in 4mm, 6mm & most commonly 12mm. Hi Macs is quite simply a great surface with a huge array of styles. Colours such as Comet and Phobus have been very popular as they include a metallic fleck in the material, giving the effect of a stone product. We supply & install Hi-Macs Worktops, Counters & Surfaces.

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Hanex Worktops & Surfaces

Hanex is a great product that we’re starting to use more and more of.

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They offer a greater range of shades in each colour, especially if you’re looking for a Brown/ Beige finish. The sample collection is vast and like Hi Macs they offer a more exclusive range that features colours such as Helsinki and Juno. We are fabricators of Hanex worksurfaces, worktops, counters etc.

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TriStone Worktops & Surfaces

TriStone is the most recent Acrylic based product to hit this growing market.

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TriStone is the most competitively priced surface and has all attributes of Corian®. It boasts a good selection of colours they have cleverly brought out a selection that mimics most of the Corian® range. We supply and install TriStone worktops, work surfaces, countertops etc.

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Staron Worktops & Surfaces

The latest addition to our range that’s already turning heads!

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Acrylic based, fully-customisable and incredibly stylish, this new line of surfaces has the attributes of Corian® and other market leaders. With a wide selection of colours and finishes, this is a great alternative for any project involving a seamless surface.

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With the World’s five leading solid surface manufacturers and hundreds of colours and finishes to choose from we are sure that we have just what you are looking for. They are split up into up to 5 price groups depending upon the colour and finish.


To provide you with the most accurate quotation we will need either a detailed plan or accurate measurements. For example, if you are currently in process of purchasing a new kitchen or surface and have access to a dimensioned plan that has clearly marked on it the worktop requirements then please email it to us. Otherwise, you can take measurements and plan out the dimensions required for your project. Remember, the more detailed your measurements/plan are the more accurate your quote will be. If you don’t have a plan, don’t worry – you can even draw out the proposed project on a pen-and-paper and send it to us by clicking here. See example below.

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Once you have received our quotation we are sure you will want to order your new work surfaces with us, and detailed below is the next step in the process of getting you new surfaces installed.


All we require is a 25% deposit and that will secure your order. Once we have received this we will process your order and book a date for Templating in accordance with your timescales. This may well have to coincide with your new kitchen installation or any other trades.


You can order samples online with us but we always recommend making the final decision once your new kitchen has been installed. Our Templaters will always carry the full range and can offer you advice on the day of Template.


To ensure the installation runs smoothly we 1st come to site when your new base units have been installed. We make our templates from MDF to ensure an accurate finish is achieved as standard. We will also discuss edge details, overhangs and all cut outs.


The templating will generally take between 1-2 hours


Please ensure that person of knowledge appointed by yourself is present on site during this process to ensure we provide exactly what you want. They will also have to sign off the template / detailed worktops description


Once our team has passed your dimensions and specifications to our manufacturing department we will contact you to advise you of the final job costings to include any changes made during template and any additional items eg. sinks, hob bars, drainer grooves etc.


Once your template report is handed over to our manufacturing team we will contact you to reconfirm the balance payment. In most cases this does not change but you may have changed colour, added up-stands or removed a sink. Once agreed we will send you the balance invoice and start the manufacturing process.


You will be given at least 3 working days notice (usually more) for your installation date and the actual installation will take between 2-4 hours depending on the size of the job.


Don’t be fooled into less expensive single day measure and installation suppliers. This not only produces inconsistent results and can be very messy but also is dangerous due to the nature of the manufacturing process.


Please call us to ask if you have any questions at all – we will offer you good honest friendly advice and will be more than happy to accept your order!
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