Our acrylic worktop range

7 top brands from a UK leading supplier of acrylic worktops

Acrylic is a perfect material for worktops. Not only can it stand up to whatever life throws at it, but it’s the only worktop material that can be formed into any shape with inconspicuous joins. The result is a smooth, seamless looking worktop that looks stunning.

We’ve carefully selected seven top acrylic worktop brands to bring you over 500 colours and designs to choose from. So, whatever your style, you’re guaranteed to find something you love.

Whichever brand you choose, you can be sure all our acrylic kitchen worktops are:


Joins are cleverly glued together with colour matched adhesive, then sanded and polished, to make them inconspicuous.


Minor scratches and stains can be removed with mild abrasive cleaners and a scouring pad.

Easy to clean

Acrylic countertops have a non-porous surface that prevents dirt from building up. Simply clean with soapy water.


This durable surface can withstand the knocks and bumps that come with daily wear and tear.

Food safe and hygienic

This non-porous surface prevents mould and bacteria from taking root and spreading.


All our acrylic worktops come with a minimum 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Browse the acrylic worktop range

Corian Solid Surface

Corian® by DuPont is the world leader in acrylic solid surfaces.  There are over 90 colours available, from solid whites to stone effects.


Hanex® offers a vast range of colours and styles, including solid colours and many mottled effects that look like natural stone.

Tristone Solid Surface UK

Tristone™ is our most competitively priced acrylic worktop range. There are over 40 colours available, including many that mimic Corian® colours.

HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone

HI-MACS® is a quality acrylic worktop with all the attributes of Corian®. It’s available in over 80 colours and has a range of designs that look like quartz.

Staron Solid Surfaces

Staron® is one of our more competitively priced acrylic worktops that offers excellent value for money. Styles range from natural patterns to solid vivid colours.

Krion Unlimited Surfaces

Krion™ is a new generation of acrylic solid surface developed by the Porcelanosa Group. There are over 100 colours to choose from.

Durasein Pure Acrylic Solid Surface

Durasein® provides a budget-friendly alternative to Corian®. There are around 30 kitchen-friendly colours in the range to choose from.

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We’ve teamed up with kitchen supplier, Seamless Interiors by Jefferson Wade to showcase our worktops, fitted in their stunning kitchen displays. Not only will you find a large display of seamless acrylic worktops, but there’s a range of stone worktops available too.